The Acts of the Apostles The Acts of the Apostles (or the Book of Acts) is the story of early Christianity. Within its chapters we read about how the Holy Spirit empowered the disciples to begin ministry in Jerusalem and then how that ministry spread throughout neighboring countries. In August we will briefly study Acts, so that we can see how PUMC can better act like the church. I hope you’ll join us for this look back so we can move ahead together!

How do you want The Prophet Newsletter? We’re looking for new ways to get you The Prophet Newsletter. Currently we have around 120 households, but we need to send 200 newsletters for our bulk mailing rate. This means our newsletter (including paper, etc.) costs us around $1000 a year. We’re trying to be better stewards of our resources so we have a few ideas. (1) We currently offer The Prophet online on our website and on Facebook. (2) We could email The Prophet to those interested. (3) We can print paper copies off and have them available at church. (4) We can continue to send The Prophet to individuals at standard $.55 per copy. Please call the office and let us know how you would like to receive The Prophet. We will adjust our methods based on your response. Regardless of changes, we will make sure our homebound members, and those living in assisted living homes will receive The Prophet. Thanks!
  Acts in August (Special Worship, August 25th) In August we are studying the Acts of the Apostles. As a way to build community and also do something a bit different, we are going to have a special worship service, Sunday, August 25th. We encourage you to come for breakfast at 9:15am and worship following 10:15am. Both breakfast and worship will be in our fellowship hall. We also ask that you consider bringing a special offering this week to help the ministry of our church.
  PUMC Leadership 2020 The Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development is looking for members to serve on the various leadership committees of the church. The church is organized as follows:   The Church Conference – Meets Annually, All Members in Good Standing have Voice and Vote. The Administrative Council – Elected by the Church Conference to do its work throughout the year, it meets regularly and its work is organized into the following Administrative Committees:
  • Staff-Parish Relations Committee– focused on the mission and vision of the church and how staff and parish members can work together to live that out.
  • Committee on Finance – focused on the budgeting and stewardship of church resources, and raising income and moving the church towards a tithing congregation.
  • Trustees Committee – tasked with care and maintenance of the property, assets, and trusts of the church, as well as endowments and memorials.
  • Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development – tasked with the nomination and development of church leaders, focused on core ministries of the church, and discipleship.
  If you are interested in serving on any of these committees in 2020, please set up a time to speak with Pastor Mark. We also need servant leadership in various positions in the church:
Worship: fellowship hour, liturgists, ushers, communion servers, communion elements, greeters, audio/visual team (power point) and offering counters.
Sunday School: teachers, assistants, snacks. Every member of the church should be serving in a way that is affirming both to them and to the community. When we share our gifts we grow in glorious ways. Please speak to Pastor Mark about how you would like to serve (maybe there are things not listed that you are called to, that’s great!).   Rev. Mark J. Meyers Pastor – Prophetstown United Methodist Church “Extending Christ’s Table to All through Authentic Community, Personal Growth, and Transforming Mission.”   Reminder: Pastor Mark’s day off is Friday.
    ATTENTION The office will be only be open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday starting in August. All bulletins will be completed on Thursdays instead of Fridays. Please keep this in mind when needing to add anything to the bulletin. Thank you,
Pastor Mark & Chris.
Pat’s Table Pat’s Table is looking for volunteers to be cooks, salad and dessert makers, and to help with Walmart pick up, etc. If interested in signing up for any of these jobs, contact Lindsey Andersen, Pat’s Table Coordinator @ 815-499-7857 August 5th is the last day for Free Kids Sack Lunches on Mondays from 11:30-12:30 sponsored by Pat’s Table.
Mission Chatter
August…already! School will be starting, what happened to summer? The Mission Committee has been on vacation I think! There has been a little activity, Teresa Shere brought a couple cakes, Judy Bryan brought some muffins, all were delicious, and Karen Richey brought some apples that made really good applesauce! Thanks to all of you. Hopefully we will be having some garden produce shortly. We, the Mission Committee, Judy, Sandy, Tammie, and Connie, Thank You all for the support you give us all year. August’s Little Thought A friend loaned me a book to read called Pocket Prayers for Women…Finding Angels When You Need Them, a wonderful little book. I’d like to share some of the quotes with you………… Life is what you make of it. It can be a lovely garden or a bed of weeds. Look for the beauty in everything and you will find it. Isn’t it funny how when we stop and take time to recognize all the good in our lives, it leads to more and more good? Blessings beget more blessings, and gratitude begets more to be grateful for! If you want to be an angel for another person, you don’t need wings and a halo—-just a loving attitude. Being aware of other people’s needs, fears, dreams, and heartaches, you can reach out as a loving presence. You don’t need to solve their problem—- you just need to offer yourself. Through strife or storm or darkest night, my angel is there to show me God’s light. To be continued…………. I hope you have enjoyed these as much as I have. Connie
1 – Laken Renkes
4 – Mary Morphew
4 – Teresa Shere
4 – Chuck Swanson
5 – Brad Cox
6 – Jaylyn Erickson
8 – Ellie Taylor
10 – Regie Fortune
10 – Kaelyn Sibley
10 – Reagan Sibley
13 – Shirley Decker
17 – Sydnie Giffin
18 – Alzada Wachholz
25 – Judy Bryan
25 – Wally Holmberg
26 – Kathy Raser
28 – Bill Jacobs
28 – Nadine Lyon
30 – Maris Peterson
3 – Jaime & Jennifer Etheridge
8 – Cal & Becky Bebon
11 – Caleb & Laykin Scanlan
19 – Lorraine & Don Hand
23 – Sandy & Dennis Behrens
29 – JoAnn & Larry Frederick
August 4 Pat Crump
August 11 Sally Renkes
August 18
August 25

GREETER(NEED 1) August 4 Betty Dennis August 11 Gordon Francis August 18

August 25

HEAD USHER – Angie Smith

August 4 Teresa Shere
August 11 Garett & Ellie Plumley
August 18 Larry & JoAnn Frederick
August 25 Gordon Francis/Frank Sebok
August 4 Larry Frederick
August 11 Pat Crump
August 18 Kim Smith
August 25 Larry Frederick
NURSERY Summer Break
ACOLYTES Summer Break
August 4 Kim Glassburn
August 11 Kim Glassburn
August 18 Kim Glassburn
August 25 No Musician
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