July 2020 Newsletter

Hi everyone, I am so excited to be your pastor. I look forward to meeting all of you. I know this is a different time of transition for all of us, but we will get through it together. When I think of transition, I think of Moses and Joshua or Elijah and Elisha. These are two stories about change. In each of them, one person leaves and a new one takes over. There are always good things that happen and some things that might not be so good, but God is leading us through and bringing us together, the same way he led Joshua and Elisha to be the leaders of the Israelites. We hear in 2 Kings 2:13,” He (Elisha) picked up the mantle of Elijah that had fallen from him, and went back and stood on the bank of the Jordan.” Elisha had to make a choice, pick up the Mantle of Elijah and follow God’s call on his life or run the other way? Each of us has the same choice. I am here in Prophetstown because this is where God has called me. Each of you has a call from God, where is God calling you? If you need anything please feel free to call me at 815-656-0362 or email me at pastorjoeygarcea@gmail.com. I also text. Any of those ways are great to reach me. We are working on what’s next as a church for worship. I will keep you posted. Please contact me so I can get to know each of you. Pastor Joey

Rev. Joey Garcea Biography

Rev. Joey Garcea grew up in Rockford, Illinois and graduated from Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL. In 2004 with a major in manufacturing engineering and a minor in management. After graduation, he continued in the manufacturing field for ten years while also serving as a youth group leader and in the praise band for his local church. It was at church that met his future wife Tiffany Garcea and they were married on July 10th, 2010.
In 2014, Joey went on to follow God’s call to serve as an elder in the United Methodist Church. His first appointment was to Apple River UMC in Apple River, IL. While serving the church, Joey pursued his Masters of Divinity Degree from the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary in Dubuque, IA, graduating in 2017. After serving Apple River for his first year, Joey’s appointment was then extended to a two-charge appointment including the neighboring Scales Mound UMC. Joey continued in this appointment for two more years before being appointed to the First UMC of Savanna in Savanna, IL. Joey is currently a provisional elder in the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church.
In addition to serving his rural churches, Joey has served in extension ministries in a variety of ways: He has spent time on the newly formed Rockford Praise Band team. He has partnered with his community’s local food pantry as well as a community-wide assistance program. He continues to seek new and innovative ways to partner ecumenically in the places where he has served.
Joey has a passion for rural ministry and feels called to the rural church in particular. He is passionate about getting to know people including their pasts, their current situations, their hopes and their dreams for the future. He loves working alongside of people and sharing in the work of ministry together. Joey is quick to find ways to make people feel comfortable, welcome, and loved by God.
When not engaged in the work of the church, Joey enjoys spending time with his family. Joey and his wife Tiffany are a clergy couple. They have five sons: Aidan (8), Brayden (7), Owen (5), Peyton (3), Landen (10 months) and are licensed foster parents. Joey loves working on motorcycles and enjoys restoration projects as well as traveling to car shows, building model cars, and playing instruments including guitar, drums and ukulele.
Plans are being made for our Church to return to services on July 12 at
10:15 at Eclipse Square. This will be an opportunity for the members to meet our new Minister, Pastor Joey Garcea and to see all our members who we have missed over these last 4 months.
In compliance with the State and our Bishop you will need to call the Church for reservations so that social distancing areas can be established. Masks will also be required.
We are excited about starting to take steps forward to getting back to regular Church Services.
Please call the Church office to set up your reservation at 815-537-2496.
Looking forward to having a chance to start meeting again.
Remember to bring chairs and masks…

Under the guidelines of the State of Illinois and our Bishop, we have established a Health Team to start working on getting our Church Building into compliance so we can be meeting again as a Congregation in the building.
This will be a very thorough undertaking with several changes being made. And with the health and welfare of our members always being our main concern.
Hopefully as the State moves into the different stages, we will be able to move things along and be able to bring our Church Family back to our Church Building. Everyone is missed and we are praying this will happen sooner than later.
Diane Hull, Ad Council Chair
Another month without MUFFINS…
that’s no fun!

We hope all of you are safe and healthy, doing some things that need doing and some that are just fun! Hopefully we can be together again soon.
The Mission Committee and we know all of you, would like to welcome Pastor Joey, his wife Pastor Tiffany (Erie’s new Pastor) and their five sons, Aidan (8), Brayden (7), Owen (5), Peyton (3), and Landon (10 months). Sounds like a very busy household! May these new appointments be filled with not only Gods love but the love of both the communities of Erie and Prophetstown.
Let’s hope this world can get back to normal, whatever that is! Wouldn’t it be nice if we all would treat each other as we would like to be treated. I know it would make this world a better place and put a smile on Gods face instead of tears in His eyes.
Until next month

I’ve been going thru some more of my Mothers things and came across this article on the back of an old Church bulletin (1984) a couple days ago……………
A Church is….a family of people, people who are loving Christians, people who seek and receive God’s love and forgiveness. These people praise the Lord, love the unlovely. Rejoice in what they have rather than despair in what they don’t have. They are steadfast in their faith, faithful in their prayer, and prayerful in their support.
A Church is….people who are willing to help and accept others who are in need of help or acceptance, people who are
willing to accept change when change will quicken the march of Christianity, people who are willing to serve wherever there is a need or whenever there is a call.
A Church is….people who count every new day as a bonus and an opportunity to travel in His steps, people who consider
being human as a privilege and not an excuse.
A Church is….people who realize that they witness by their acts and are positive in their acts and thoughts, rather than
negative. They approach a problem with solutions instead of excuses. They approach a project with anticipation rather than with regret. They think with
their hearts as well as with their heads. Their witness accompanies them as they participate in their community’s politics, civic and fraternal organizations, school
functions, social affairs, scouting, and little league. Their witness leads them to do a thing for somebody without expecting thanks or praise. Their witness gives them the patience to enjoy rather than endure their children, to honor rather than avoid their parents. Their witness gives them the desire to love as well as be loved and the ability to listen as well as to talk.
A Church is….is a family of people, God’s people. This was written by R. Richard Burcham.
3 – Randy Behrens
4 – Louise Ackeberg
5 – Kim Glassburn
5 – Ellie Plumley
7 – Rollin Weber
8 – Peyton Garcea
9 – Jakob Brooks
9 – Aidan Garcea
10 – Sydnie Reutzel
11 – Jeff Wirsing
11 – Max Weidel
14 – Bliss Naftzger
15 – Simon Weidel
19 – Dorothy Schuneman
20 – Amelia Rose Wirsing
22 – Zander Posey
22 – Dixie Taylor
24 – Lauren Sibley
25 – Neill Hill
29 – Louise Temple
30 – Jaden Taylor
31 – Diane Heisner
10 – Pastor Joey & Pastor Tiffany Garcea
12 – Larry & Barbara Stewart
17 – Diane & Doug Hull
28 – Lynn & Merrill Pollock

(None Until Further Notice)