The Lord’s Prayer We pray the Lord’s Prayer every week. In my home we pray it daily. But sometimes we rush through the words because its rote for many of us. This May we are going to stop and listen to the way Jesus taught us to pray. I hope that all our prayer lives will be the better for it. Join us May 5th, 12th, and 19th or catch sermons you missed on our website or Facebook.  

Graduates We want to celebrate any and all of our graduates Sunday, May 26th in worship. If you are or have a high school, college, specialty school, or certification graduate let us know. We’d love to have them with us that Sunday to celebrate, or have a picture of them if they cannot be present. Please let Pastor Mark know of any graduates by Wednesday, May 15th.  

Bishop’s Appeal/Mission Project Every year at Annual Conference we collect a special offering for the Bishop’s Appeal and collect items for UMCOR. This year the Bishop’s Appeal will support our conference’s two camps: Camp Reynold’s Wood and Wesley Woods. Consider supporting this offering by making out checks to PUMC, memo “Bishop’s Appeal” by May 26th.

Also, our district is collecting bath washcloths and bath hand towels for UMCOR! Items must be new and can be bought locally at stores like Dollar General. Please bring your items to church before May 26th.
  Kid’s Worship, May 26th Sunday, May 26th is our last week of Sunday school and our final kid’s worship for this school year. In kid’s worship, the entire worship experience is aimed at our youngest members. Our theme will be “Our Big Job” and children of all ages are encouraged to participate and serve in worship.
  Special Offering: Native American Sunday Sunday, May 5th will be Native American Sunday and we will collect a special offering to nurture mission with Native Americans and provides scholarships for United Methodist Native American seminarians.  
PUMC 101 Are you interested in joining our congregation? Would you like to learn more about what it means to be Christian, a United Methodist, or part of Prophetstown UMC? PUMC 101 is designed for you. Join us May 5th at 9:00am in the Conference Room if you are interested!   Rev. Mark J. Meyers Pastor – Prophetstown United Methodist Church “Extending Christ’s Table to All through Authentic Community, Personal Growth, and Transforming Mission.” (815)-519-2081
Pat’s Table Pat’s Table is winding down for summer break, May 20th is our last meal before break. We’re approaching 28,000 meals served, wow, what an awesome feat by all you wonderful volunteers, we look forward to a new coordinator joining us in May as Larry and Barbara are retiring. A big thank you to Kim Smith for sharing the Jelly Bean Poem including all the coordinating colored beans, a gift to all at Pat’s Table from the Sunday School children.
Sunday School News   The Sunday School children and teachers had a busy April schedule celebrating Easter week and Kids Worship on the 28th.  We’re looking forward to the completion of the Sunday School year on May 26th with another Kids Worship celebration, giving all our kids an opportunity to be worship leaders and participants.  I would also like to acknowledge Pastor Mark for his support of Sunday School and especially the opportunity provided through Kids Worship.   We will also acknowledge our teachers: Karen Richey, Kathy Raser, Connie Murphy, Tara Miller, Tirzah Renkes, Dixie Taylor, Brad Cox, and Kim Smith, music leader and teacher.  Many thanks to Larry Frederick for his help assisting Kim during the music practice session and lesson.   Barbara Stewart  
  Mission Chatter           The Mission Committee has been on vacation but we are back to work again.  We are planning to have some special treats though-out the year, beginning in May.  How about some Muffins after Church on May 19th!  Hope that sounds good to you.  Pick-up  some muffins, leave a donation and enjoy that special treat!  Your donations will go toward our Rainbow Covenant.  Thanks ahead of time for you support!           Speaking of treats, how about the rolls Judy made for you to go with our Soup To Go in March, hmmmm good as always.  Thanks Judy, how very thoughtful!.           I think we are all looking forward to a nice spring, what’s that old saying – April Showers Bring May Flowers – sure hope so!  Let’s try to find a special blessing every day.           Until next month Judy – Sandy – Tammie – Connie                      
Larry and I went to Tara’s for Easter and while there we went to the movie Breakthrough.  What a wonderful movie, hope you all take the time to see it.  The movie is based on a true story of a teenager while playing with some friends on a frozen lake, the ice breaks and the young man slips under. He is submerged for 15 minutes, before being rescued by a fire department emergency responder.  For 45 minutes he has no pulse and that is when the story really begins……..           I know we are all so very busy in the fast-moving world, but please take the time to see BREAKTHROUGH.  I don’t think you will be sorry! Thank you!  
  May’s Little Thoughts    I ask God for water, He gave me an ocean. I ask God for a flower, He gave me a garden. I ask God for a friend, He gave me all of You. How very blessed we are!              
ATTENTION Starting June 1st, the office will be closed on Fridays through August.  All bulletins will be completed on Thursdays instead of Fridays.  Please keep this in mind when needing to add anything to the bulletin.  Thank you, Pastor Mark & Chris.
  THANK YOU THANK YOU Thanks to everyone in our church family who remembered us on our 70th Anniversary with cards and best wishes.  We are thankful to have achieved that milestone.  Richard & Louise Ackeberg
MAY  BIRTHDAYS 1 – Keegan Behrens
1 – Linda Meier
2 – Garett Plumley
4 – Betty Hummel
5 – Diane Hull
6 – John Frederick
6 – Peyton Glassburn
7 – Mike Mandrell
7 – Summer Pageloff
7 – Cal Schuneman
9 – Joyce Bennett
10 – Harrison Ames
10 – Mitchell Raser
10 – Connor Sibley
10 – Blake Snowden
11 – Jaimee Wolf
12 – Joseph Harriett
13 – Luke Giffin
13 – Meredith Johnson
14 – Greg Raser
15 – Cassidy (Foltz) Gryshayer
16 – Kelly Kozlik
17 – Zoe Rudy
18 – Shyan Dessing
20 – Ellah Brooks
20 – Brenda Dessing
20 – Kenny Gerlach
20 – Rachel Wirsing
22 – Erika Raser
26 – Jeri Pearce
26 – Kim Smith
27 – Jeff Bielema
27 – Mary Garland
27 – Kasha Sebok
28 – Larry Dessing
28 – John Scanlan
30 – Jennifer Behrens
31 – Clayton Gerlach
31 – Edith Yaun
6 – Scott & Dionne Sibley
7 – Toni & Doug Peterson
13 – Greg & Kathy Raser
15 – Jennifer & Mark Meyers            
MAY  WORSHIP                
May 5      Dixie Taylor
May 12    Pat Crump
May 19    Sally Renkes
May 26                
May 5      Virginia Giffin
May 12    John Frederick
May 19    Virginia Giffin
May 26                
Angie Smith                
May 5
May 12    Garett & Ellie Plumley
May 19
May 26    Frank Sebok                
May 5      Kim Smith
May 12    Larry Frederick
May 19    Pat Crump
May 26    Kim Smith                
May 5      Edie Yaun
May 12    Karen Richey
May 19    Connie Murphy
May 26    Karen Richey
May 5      Wynn Renkes/Lily Sharp
May 12    Mya Weidel
May 19    Jakob Brooks/Ellah Brooks
May 26    Wynn Renkes/Mya Weidel                
May 5      Kim Glassburn
May 12    Kim Glassburn
May 19    Kim Glassburn
May 26    Kim Glassburn
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